Historic Rally Trophy, Finland 2021 (NEAFP)

Historic Rally Trophy Finland 2021 (NEAFP)

Historic Rally Trophy rally series is driven by old nostalgic rally cars. This rally series has been running since year 1995. There are 5-6 rallies driven in the HRT series every year. Some of the rallies are run on snow and some on gravel. Cars homologated before 1991 are currently eligible as Historic rally cars. Cars of different ages compete in their own age category. In addition to that, the age categories are divided to different classes, according to different cubic volumes of engines and different degrees of excitation. In all historic rallies in Finland, only cars complying with FIA historic regulations and FIA Historic Technical Passport (FIA HTP) are accepted. 

In Historic Rally Trophy 2021 series it will be competed for the victory of Historic Rally Trophy Championships in different categories (categories 1-4
+ Group 1) with the following HRT 2021 regulations (click the link below).    







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